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Albanese Coat of Arms






Searching for ancestors, descendants or relatives of

Joseph Albanese


Filomena Maiocca


Grottaminarda, Italy


Antonio Albanese


Born in

Grottaminarda, Italy

Died in

Haverhill, MA  USA









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Antonio "Tony" Albanese arrived in the USA in 1891 accompanied by his younger brother Rocco. They were both born in Grottaminarda, Italy. Their parents were Joseph Albanese and Filomena Maiocca. They also had a brother Louis that from all records appeared to have stayed in Italy. Tony came to this country, leaving his wife Elizabeth "Scarpa" Albanese in Italy until their third child Mollie was born. Tony and Elizabeth had three children, Joseph, Mary and Mollie born in Italy. The Family settled in Haverhill, MA and went on to have four more children, Ann, Philomine, Rocco George and Andores.















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