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Albanese Genealogy



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Thanks to Antonio Palomba from  Italy for the excellent pictures of Grottaminarda.

Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge

foto1_1.jpg (84679 bytes)

Panoramic view     

foto6_6.jpg (107813 bytes)

Apartments / Homes 

foto2_2.jpg (119795 bytes)

Aerial view

foto3_3.jpg (139703 bytes)

  Aerial view 2

foto4_4.jpg (121217 bytes)

Aerial view 3   

Church of Grottaminarda2.jpg (42244 bytes)

Church of Grottaminarda

Church Santa Maria Maggiore1.jpg (29935 bytes) wpe1.jpg (55216 bytes)  

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore 

Church San Michele Arcangelo1.jpg (46094 bytes)

 Church of San Michele Arcangelo 

Hotel Aeclanum.jpg (25467 bytes)

Hotel Aeclanum, Grottaminarda

Office Building1.jpg (85923 bytes)

  Office Building

Public Fountain Grottaminarda1.jpg (48988 bytes)

Public Fountain  

Village Queen Restaurant.jpg (227650 bytes)

Village Queen Restaurant


Additional pictures of Grottaminarda, Italy


Festival 1 Festival 2
Fountain of St.Thomas3.jpg (75542 bytes)Fountain of St Thomas (Then) wpeB.jpg (67573 bytes)Fountain of St Thomas (Now)
Padre Pio 1.jpg (81934 bytes)Padre Pio 3.jpg (117678 bytes)Padre Pio Padre Pio 2.jpg (131824 bytes)Padre Pio
Fountain at Grotto.jpg (103389 bytes)Fountain at Festival Time Mountain at Grotto.jpg (71383 bytes)Landscape - Grottaminarda