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Family of Rocco



Albanese Genealogy



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Family and Descendants of Rocco Albanese

(Brother of Antonio)

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zamarchi_grandfather.jpg (40228 bytes)

Rocco Albanese

Late 1800's

5.dorazio_danico_romilda.jpg (192217 bytes)

September 1964

4.family_group_1963.jpg (118531 bytes)



CA 1963

HS Grad.jpg (111440 bytes)

HS Graduation June 1949

2.nilda_vera_1942.jpg (151133 bytes)

Circa 1941

7.Three_sisters.jpg (134272 bytes)

Circa 1920

8.carpinella.jpg (44924 bytes)

Circa 1940
6.vera_angie_speed.jpg (162377 bytes) September 1964

1.ajz_collegegrad_1953.jpg (128470 bytes)

June 1953 College Graduation